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Skiers or ski coaches, new to advanced. CXC Academy can help you develop better ski technique, improve skiing fitness, and get ready for a big ski event.

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Easy-to-follow workouts and TrainingPeaks™ integration make CXC Academy more powerful than ever.
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Featuring monthly ski-specific strength workout videos, on snow and roller ski technique videos, with new offerings published each month.

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The CXC Coaching Staff is certified, experienced, and ready to guide skiers of all ages and skill levels.
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CXC Academy is a project of Central Cross Country Skiing (CXC)
718 Post Road
Madison, WI 53713

“This program is amazing. Not just for skiing, but for life. My results have brought me to unexpected levels.”

DAVID KERR - Whitehorse, Canada

Our Coaches

The CXC Coaching Staff is certified, experienced, and ready to guide skiers of all ages and skill levels.

“I've been following your CXC training plan for the last 10 months and am really enjoying it. I'm definitely skiing faster.”

KRISTIN MADSEN - Winnipeg, Canada

“I like your intermediate plan and feel I am training smarter this year. Thanks very much your program!”

Eric Peterson, - Basalt, CO

"We're a small team in a tough section, yet our results have steadily improved. Besides the results I feel that the training plan is very easy to follow and it stresses skiers the right amount and gives them the rest that they need."

Dave Johnson - Duluth , MN

"Just wanted to give you guys a big shout out after a great ski season. I started XC skiing 4 years ago and I have loved every minute of it. After participating in a couple roller ski clinics with CXC, I decided to join CXC online and started the Advanced Training Program in November. I have no doubt that the phenomenal training program you provided allowed me to reach and exceed my skiing goals - in particular to make the 1st Wave at the Birkie."

Todd Brown - Groton , CT

"While some find weekly workout structure to be the reason to join CXC Academy, I find the videos of dryland strength and mobility to be outstanding.

I'll see you in the park doing funny walks. Thanks."

CHRIS MAGERL - Salt Lake City

"I manage a women's Nordic program that ranges from beginner to elite Birkie skiers and from the late 20's in age to almost 80 years old. I use the Academy information to get various training ideas, volume, intensities, strength information, etc. during dryland training in the fall as well as in the winter. Academy gives me a good ."

Muffy Ritz , Two-Time American Birkebeiner Winner

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Hands On

Get the latest in sport science testing at our Performance Lab, CXC Center Of Excellence, Madison (WI).

Expert Coaching

Now offering training services to the average skier, weekend warrior racer or someone who is chasing their dream to move up a wave in the Birkie.

CXC Academy Training Period #13 Release

Everyone will be at different points during this time of the season. We will be starting over with a new training year on April 15. Keep Reading

CXC Academy and TrainingPeaks™

Enabling smart and effective endurance training through training plan integration with TrainingPeaks™.
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CXC Academy Training Period #12 Release

Mental health is a real factor and can give a real advantage during mid to late season ski racing. Have fun and go hard!
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Nordic Walking and Bounding Technique

CXC Academy Training Period #11 Release

Racing takes center stage so make sure your body is ready for whatever demands are expected of it!

CXC Academy Training Period #10 Release

January is when the racing season really starts to heat up. If you are looking to peak for a race, overload, rest, and race.
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Wax Box Answering Some Tough Waxing Questions

CXC Academy Training Period #9 Release

Getting on snow early is important to build up balance. The plan still calls for some intensity but also adds a little volume.
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CXC Academy Training Period #8 Release

The training continues to ramp up, - add more race pace workouts in an effort to make the final fitness push.
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Working on Improving Double Pole Technique

CXC Academy Training Period #7 Release

Intensity during this time of year again needs to become more and more specific to the sport.
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CXC Academy Training Period #6 Release

Now is the time in the training year when overall training volume should decrease, while training intensity increases.
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Balance When, Where, Why, and How To Do It

CXC Academy Training Period #5 Release

Make sure to allow yourself plenty of recovery time to maximize each training session, this takes planning.
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Distance Cross-Training and Ski Technique Tricks

CXC Academy Training Period #4 Release

The training plan has a nice mix of distance, strength, L3/L4 intervals, speeds, and focuse more on muscle explosion and power.
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Distance and Over-Distance Workouts

CXC Academy Training Period #3 Release

When doing fewer exercises and reps, each becomes even more important, so make sure you do ‘em right!
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CXC Academy Training Period #2 Release

We are working on building strength by focusing on the larger muscle groups with less ski specific exercises.
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Physiology of Fat Burning Zone and Anaerobic Threshold

CXC Academy Training Period #1 Release

Focus on getting quality Level 1 distance sessions in during the week. Using a variety in modes of exercise is encouraged.
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The Basics of Interval Training