CXC Academy

Personal Coaching Program

Personal Coaching

- Initial Interview
- Assignment to a Personal Level 200 Coach
- Development of Individual Training Plan
- Monthly Training Evaluation and Adjustment
- Unlimited E-mail Communication with a Coach
- Weekly Phone Call With a Coach
- Training Plan and Logging Through Training Peaks
- Remote Video Analysis (through video upload)
- CXC Academy Annual Subscription

Program Fee:
$300 per month + optional Performance Testing ($300)

Performance Testing

We recommend at least two Performance Tests (ideally three) per year. One at the beginning of training year, one mid-training year and one before the race season. The full Performance Test takes two days.

Performance Testing Includes:
- VO2 Max Test
{determine aerobic/anaerobic thresholds and intensity levels; evaluate oxygen utilization efficiency at different levels of intensity}
- Balance Test
- Flexibility Test
- Strength Test
- Technique Evaluation
{classic and skate on ra ollerski treadmill with instant feedback}
- Poling Efficiency Evaluation
- Striding/Skating Efficiency Evaluation

Video Analysis

About the program

Personal Coaching for master skiers allows participants to live more and train more, as the training plan is fitted week by week by a personal ski coach. Your coach builds your training plan around your needs, and even then you still have the availability to move scheduled workouts around if you desire to.

CXC Personal Coaching utilizes Training Peaks online platform that allows you to see the workouts planned by your coach; keep the log of the work you did, by hand or by transfer straight from your heart rate monitor; oversee your progress, fatigue and peaking towards an event, but mostly it allows your personal coach to instantly see any changes that need to be made towards your progress in sport or well being.

To improve your ski technique, your CXC personal coach will ask you to send in a video of you skiing, which will be evaluated in your weekly call. This is a great way to save time and gain valuable ski knowledge.

Do you have to be a race machine to fit this plan? Of course not! Although if you are, that is ok with us. With our personalized coaching, we can accommodate desires and support goals of any level of a cross country skier. Nordic skiing is a great way how to stay healthy. If you have a busy work schedule and love skiing, but struggle to fit some meaningful workout session that would support your well being, in your day, maybe personalized coaching would be a great option for you.

Nordic skiing can also support us in breaking our limits and going farther than ever. If you did the sport your whole life, however now you suffer some physical limitations, but still wish to fulfill your dream of skiing the Birkie or Vasa while making sure you enjoy it, instead of getting hurt or suffering through the experience, CXC’s Personal Coaching could be a great way how to adjust your training to your health. If your body still runs like a perfect machine, and you just didn’t have the opportunity to do a high-level racing as a junior or senior, or you wish to touch the sky in Masters category, however, have social constraints, the program can build you a professional skier plan that will fit your job as well as your family vacation.

Your obstacles in training are our riddles to solve.

"The personal training program has helped me be successful in training for and completing in the 90K Vasaloppet. The training not only helped me build the endurance to complete in this endeavor, my technical skills improved as well. The weekly check-in calls were invaluable. They helped me stay focused, and the coach was able to adjust to my work schedule so that my training remained consistent."


“I have benefitted immensely from the personal coaching that has helped me achieve some lifelong competitive goals. Weekly talks with my coach about training and technique are fun and informative. CXC has helped me grow into the skier I dreamed of being. From VO2 Max testing to ski analysis the benefit, value and joy of being a CXC Master is unmatched.”


“I have been using the personal coaching program for almost a year, and it has been a great success. I have made significant improvements, and the training has been much more enjoyable since I started working with a personal coach. The program is customized for my needs, and I always have access to my coach when I need to make any adjustments. I was training for the 70 km Marcialonga in Italy and 90 km long Vasaloppet in Sweden as well as for local races in Iceland, and the excellent preparation helped me achieve and surpass the goals that we set for the winter. This is a highly recommended program with enthusiastic and highly knowledgeable coaches that are certainly worth using.”



CXC Personal Coaching Program has a limited number of spots available. Send us a note to schedule a call, and let’s talk.