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Sport-Specific Performance Evaluation and Testing

Exercise testing fulfills various roles. The information obtained from these tests can function as a diagnostic instrument, provide valuable data for analysis and comparison, or assist in crafting new exercise regimens while monitoring personal advancement.

VO2 Max Testing

VO2 max is a quantifiable gauge of your body's capacity to utilize oxygen efficiently. The primary objective of the VO2 max test is to evaluate the highest level of oxygen consumption and determine heart rate training zones essential for endurance training. This test can be conducted through activities such as running, biking, roller skiing, swimming or rowing.

We utilize the Korr Medical Technologies CardioCoach® VO2/CO2 analyzer for metabolic testing. For cycling, we capture data on speed, distance, power, and cadence with the Kickr Smart Trainer. You can opt to provide your test protocol, or alternatively, follow ours as needed.

Here's a breakdown of the testing session schedule:

10-15 minutes for warm-up
10 minutes for setup
15-20 minutes for the VO2 Max test
10 minutes for cooldown

To ensure accurate results, please refrain from engaging in strenuous workouts the day before or on the day of the test. Adequate rest and hydration are essential, and we ask that you avoid consuming carbohydrates within 3 hours of the test. If possible, steer clear of stimulants like caffeine before the testing session.

Individual Testing
One-Hour Session / $150

Junior Group Testing (recommended for teams)
One-Hour Session / $350

Adult Group Testing (4 - 5 people)
One-Hour Session / $500

Ski Technique Evaluation

The CXC Athletic Center is outfitted with a 10' x 12' rollerski treadmill. With the capability of reaching speeds up to 25 mph and accommodating a 30% grade, CXC's objective in introducing this treadmill is to provide our customers with another means to enhance their performance.

In a rollerski treadmill ski technique session, a CXC coach will oversee the session, offer feedback, and evaluate the technique.

The treadmill can pose a considerable challenge for those with minimal or no prior roller ski experience. Alternatively, we can provide outdoor one-on-one or group ski technique sessions, with roller skis supplied.

All indoor or outdoor sessions typically allocate an hour to each skiing technique.

In a ski technique session, we will:

- Comprehensively review all technique styles.

- Pinpoint and correct any weaknesses or errors in your technique.

- Provide extra time for you to practice and perfect the correct techniques under your coach's supervision.

Participants should bring their rollerskis, ski boots, poles, helmet, gloves, and optional protective gear like knee and elbow pads, as well as a water bottle for hydration.

Individual Session
One-Hour Technique Session (Classic or Skate) / $150

Junior Group Session (recommended for teams)
One-Hour Technique Session (Classic or Skate) / $350

Adult Group Session (4 - 5 people)
One-Hour Technique Session (Classic or Skate) / $500

VO2 Max Testing
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CXC Athletic Center Virtual Tour

“I want to say thank you and how much we enjoyed our time with Yuriy on Saturday. All three of us took away some great technique tips that we can all think about and work on now and when the snow starts to fly! It was a great way to kick off the xc ski season for all of us! It was even more impressive that we had two different techniques and three different skill levels and Yuriy provided great feedback with all three of us!”


" The skill work on rollerski treadmill has payed off dramatically.

I'm finding that my upper body has been getting far less fatigued during hill work and on long skis. "



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