CXC Academy

How Training Works

As a subscribing member you will have access to training periods, plans and videos CXC Academy publishes monthly.

Your training year with us is broken into four week periods starting each week on a Monday and concluding on Sunday. Therefore, there are 13 training periods with 28 days in each period. Each month we publish new training plans designed for Novice (250 training hrs/yr), Intermediate (400 training hrs/yr) and Advanced (550 training hrs/yr) level users. Plan to commit to at least 4 training sessions a week to ensure you will reach your program goals. If a change in training plan volume is required due to some schedule, work or other conflicts, you're free to make a switch.

If you are joining CXC Academy in the middle of the year, we strongly suggest to start with Training Period 1, follow it for two weeks before transitioning to the start of the actual Training Period you are in.

Additional Resources

In addition to training plans, CXC Academy offers monthly ski-specific strength workout videos, and has an extensive video library with ski technique videos, training and recovery tips, equipment demonstrations and wax room videos, where you learn to prepare and maintain your skis. There are new offerings in each category each month.

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